TECHNOLOGY NUTRI.COM. venture capital 100% national, It has as main goal the satisfaction of its customers and employees.

Founded in 1999 by long experience of professionals in the market, the NUTRI.COM TECHNOLOGY LTD is dedicated to bring to the domestic market imported products from several countries, in order to meet the demands of the industries in the food sector.
Initially serving the meat segment the company has gained space and credibility, to present creative and innovative solutions, both in the imported raw materials and national, as in the production of premixes, expanding its operations in other segments of the food industry.

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Product Family
Sodium benzoate

Benzoato de Sódio Um conservante que, além de eliminar bactérias nos alimentos ajuda A preservar os nutrientes e a...

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Halal Certificate

It is with great joy and satisfaction that , after intense investment in the quality of our products and services, we achieved...

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Waste Control

Proper waste management is a complex and essential process for environmental preservation and public health. It consists...

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Metal Detection

In the automatic food packaging process, the metal detector reveals itself as a truly powerful tool..

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